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January 2019

Basic Recipes

Sausages Recipes

Irish Sausages

Irish Sausages Recipe
1 1/2 lb Lean pork 1/2 lb Pork fat, no gristle 1/2 ts Mace 1 ts Salt 1/4 ts Fresh ground pepper...

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Apricot Glaze Great Chefs Recipe

1 c Jam, apricot 1/2 c Sugar 1/4 c Water Combine jam, sugar and water in a heavy saucepan. Mi well, bring to a boil, then simmer until clear. Source: Great Chefs of San Francisco, Avon Books, 1984 Chef: Christian Iser, Fournou's Ovens, Stanford Court Hotel, : San Francisco, CA Pastry Ch...

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Dish Of The Day

Speedy PatIn Pastry

Speedy PatIn Pastry Recipe
Servings: 1 1 1/2 c Flour 1 1/2 ts Sugar 3/4 ts Salt 1/2 c Oil corn 3 T Milk cold I coul...
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