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February 2019

Hamburger Recipes

2019 Cooking Recipes

Apple Pie Recipes

World's Largest Apple Pie

World's Largest Apple Pie Recipe
D H99A Lorna Brown CRUST 352 lb ...

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   Hamburger Recipes February 2019 Hamburger Recipes


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Muffallatas and Olive Dressing From My Loving Sister Ton Recipe

MUFFALLATA 1 Round bread American Cheese Provolone Cheese Sliced Ham Sliced Genoa Salami OLIVE DRESSING 1 qt Salad Olives 16 oz Holland Onions 11 oz Pickled Cau...

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Dish Of The Day

Cyclone Chili

Cyclone Chili Recipe
1/3 c Lard 4 lb Beef chuck, cut into 1/2 inc 1 ea Large onion, chopped 3 ea Cl Garlic, finely c...
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